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Forget about your competitors & customers.
just Focus on your product.


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We find solutions for big problems.

We are a startup studio designed for entrepreneurs to create and launch new companies. We believe that entrepreneurship can unlock human potential and make the world a better place. We look for big problems in the world that have technology solutions and test many ideas in parallel.

When one shows great promise, we recruit a great team, spin it off into a company, and help them grow a successful business.

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The Leaders!

Thinking of starting a business? Discover a problem and create a solution that serves people.

“I Don’t Want To Go To The Store”

“I Need Instant Access To Information”

“I Don’t Want To Take Public Transport”

“I Don’t Want To Go To The Movies”​

Our specialization

We work to make the world a better place, by unlocking human potential through entrepreneurship.


We help craft the brand, prototype, and iterate towards product-market-fit.


We provide shared office space where entrepreneurs work side-by-side.


We help entrepreneurs avoid pitfalls and remove roadblocks in the journey.


We are a community of hands-on advisors providing guidance to entrepreneurs.

User Experience

We care about the details, from product strategy to system design and UX.


We fund our entrepreneurs with a full back end team to explore new ideas.

Let us know about your business plan

Come to us. Discuss your Idea. If we like it, we will make it!



Everyone brings different perspectives & unique viewpoints. Diverse ideation is a staple of our core values.


Events Coimbatore

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach are what I love about them. iDesk bringing its incredible insights and know-how to what we’re building at Events Coimbatore. 


Apple Comfort Travels

We’re building Apple Comfort Travels within the iDesk startup studio, and we’ve been supported by iDesk throughout our ideation, branding, and design process. They’ve already been an invaluable support for our entire team, acting as a key resource for talent and offering their guidance as we grow.